Action Plans

Workshop participants record the Action Plans they have implemented in their school or community to create positive change and have the option to share them here!

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Action Plan

2/26/2010 Monson High School
Monson, MA

Lack of acceptance of difference and engagement


Meet at least every two weeks

Don't say certain words discussed

Talk to friends about what was learned
12/16/2009 Andover High School
Andover, MA
Littering around the school and students trashing the school Write a proposal and have a meeting with the principal to put more garbage cans around the school and raise awareness on littering
11/16/2009 Urban Science Academy
West Roxbury, MA
Need to increase self esteem of young women Take trips once a week to places that will help young women grow and learn
10/22/2009 Andover Youth Services
Andover, MA
Women criticizing women
Changing the culture among girls
Having a campaign to promote positive discussions and positive images for women
2/26/2009 Quincy High School
Quincy, MA
A lot of diversity in school but people do not acknowledge it Have assemblies that split up students by class and encourage students to explore diversity
  Self-esteem of Quincy High School girls needs improvement Put together a website (i.e. facebook) which would include links to healthy self-esteem websites and resources
1/22/2009 Andover High School
Andover, MA
Seek to orient new students (freshmen) to the school and get them involved March 2009 prospective student meeting with 8th graders and their families about school curriculum
During the school's prospective students meeting, turn that meeting into a potluck with music, raffles, talent show and a student-led discussion about benefits on going to this school and being in a club.

Implement a freshman orientation

In the fall, have a day devoted to new students and pair them up with a peer mentor. Throughout the year, have "casual conversations" days where students have to talk to students they don't know. Decorate freshman locker hallway and use Facebook to announce school events to get students involved.

11/20/2008 John M. Barry Newton Boys and Girls Club
Newton, MA
Seek to improve the self-esteem of girls participating in Newton Boys and Girls Club program and activities Encouraging posters and uplifting quotes will be hung around entire center.

Contact outside presenters to talk about self esteem.

Every girl will have to write down achievement they are proud of on a card.

Positive "shout" out name games/card activities during girls group.
6/10/2008 Humanities and Leadership Development High School (HLD)
Lawrence, MA
There is school separation between various academies Talk to academy leader, administrations/principals and utilize student council to work on unifying the classes and have combined activity once a month.
There is a need for more workshops for students (conflict resolution, leadership, etc.) Will contact principal to gather ideas, then everyone will be involved with planning. Then, contact will be made to  colleges/organizations  to do presentations and workshops  at least every 3 months with all academies.
"Our uniforms are so blah. We want to spice it up." No uniform day (maybe on half days). For nicer uniforms everyone has to pay. Will talk to parents and administrations to achieve this goal.
HLD lacks personality and individuality. We do not live up to our name. There is no spirit and our voices are not heard. Hold small meetings that non-elected students can show up and let their voice be heard.
5/15/2008 Attleboro High School
Attleboro, MA
School Image Students will positively represent the school well at home, in the community and at away sporting events and games.
5/13/2008 Maynard High School
Maynard, MA
No quiet area for students (to work, read, etc.) Talk to teachers about using their classes when not in session or during their breaks.
"The image" of Maynard High School Have a code of conduct for “ways of being” in school and out of school.
Want an increase in student voice Work with administration to implement a suggestion box  and use SGA to address and recommend changes.