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November 19, 2019
12:30 pm   |  Room 212 Haldan Hall

Mark Hardie
Mark Hardie is a serial entrepreneur and start-up veteran with a passion for innovation and the Director of Framingham State University’s Innovation Center.   The son of two teachers, he has taught and lectured on technology issues at Harvard, MIT, University of Virginia, and University of Hartford. He is a career-long mentor at the MIT Sloan School and currently a Career Coach at Harvard Business School, working with start-up teams, founders and would-be entrepreneurs.

A Massachusetts native, Mark attended primary and secondary schools in Holyoke MA, is a graduate of Tufts University and the M.I.T. Sloan School of Management. He brings extensive experience launching start-ups, driving corporate strategy and business innovation, all with a focus on Internet business models, mobile device platforms, and cloud-based SaaS business models. Throughout Mark’s career, you’ll find proven success taking whiteboard ideas to market, raising capital, and managing product development, roll-out, and ongoing business operations.

The Pine Manor College Business and Management Department in conjunction with President Thomas O’Reilly and Entrepreneur in Residence, Jeffrey Ross, presents the 2019 Entrepreneurship Speaker Series– From Idea to Business!

The program offers an intimate presentation by each speaker allowing interaction and Q&A for PMC students with distinguished speakers in their chosen field. The presentations will highlight experiences, lessons learned, and unique issues and challenges faced by entrepreneurs when taking an idea for a new product or service and starting a new business.

About Jeffrey Ross, Pine Manor College Entrepreneur in Residence Jeffrey Ross is the Managing Partner of Glenoe Associates LLC and is an advisor to family and privately held businesses that want to learn how to grow profitably. Previously, Jeffrey has been a CEO/owner of several companies such as Thayer Pharmacies, Pet Supply Depot, Hearthstone Assisted Living, Quincy Medical Supply and several others.