Learning Resource Center Appointment Request

The Brown Learning Resource Center (LRC) offers academic support to all PMC students. Our professional tutors—writing tutors, math tutor, learning specialist and the Director—help you adjust to the new academic environment of college. Our tutoring is individually tailored to your learning style and needs. Working with a tutor, you will discover strategies for tackling new kinds of learning and ways to adjust your study methods to the pace and volume of college work. You may wish to work with a tutor to sharpen your writing and math skills. There is no additional fee for tutoring.

All students are welcome to make an appointment to meet with one of the Learning Resource Center tutors during Orientation to discuss individual learning needs and to determine which LRC services might be helpful. If you don’t need an appointment before scheduling classes, you are still encouraged to learn more about the Center when you arrive on campus in the upcoming semester. At any time during your study at PMC, you may use the tutoring services of the LRC simply by calling or stopping by the Center. Many PMC students use the Learning Resource Center regularly.

New students who live nearby the College are strongly encouraged to visit campus before Orientation to meet with the LRC Director.

Students with Disabilities

The Brown Learning Resource Center also assists students with disabilities. If you are a student with a disability—learning disability, ADHD, vision, hearing or mobility impairment, or a student with a chronic medical condition, for example—you should plan to meet with the LRC Director during Orientation to learn about services and accommodations that might be helpful to you.

All students with disabilities who request academic accommodations must provide the College with documentation of their disability and must request accommodations prior to the beginning of classes in the upcoming semester. Decisions regarding academic accommodations for students with disabilities are made by the LRC Director. Disability documentation should be sent to Mary Walsh, LRC Director, or faxed to her attention at 617-731-7638.

Questions regarding this portion of the form or the Learning Resource Center may be directed to Mary Walsh, Director, Brown Learning Resource Center, at 617-731-7181 or walshmar@pmc.edu.

Learning Resource Center Appointment Request