Making a Decision

It’s April 30th and hope is in the air. Spring is finally in full swing; there are new leaves, new flowers, new birds and animals running around, and 1,000s of students considering a new phase of their lives as they decide where to go to college before May 1st.

As the breeze comes in through my window I can’t help but think about my senior year and how I struggled with the decision of where to go. I was considering a small school in Maine and a huge school in San Diego. Now, for some of you sun-loving people, the decision may have seemed like an obvious one, but it wasn’t for me. The school in Maine would give me small classes and interaction with professors similar to my own high school. It would also give me the opportunity to study Italian and spend a great year abroad. In Maine I knew I would be taken care of, supported, and never lost in a crowd.

The school in San Diego was bigger than the town I grew up in. Classes were frequently over 200 students and many popular classes were as big as 500 students. However, this school had a very prestigious psychology department. There were professors doing research in psychology and cognitive science that was being shared around the world and I could potentially not only take a class with them, but work with them on their research. I would also be exposed to many more classes, activities, and even cultures at a bigger school.

These were the external reasons for going to each school, but it ended coming down to a feeling. At that point in my life I felt that college was my chance to explore and head out in a direction completely my own. I wanted the new and the exciting. I went out to San Diego and visited the big school. At one point, I was standing in the center of campus as classes got out and the walkway I was on was flooded with students. As people pushed by and bits of conversations sneaked into my ears, I just felt right. I knew this was the place for me.

There are no concrete words or reasons for my final decision on where I went to college, part of me just “knew”. Now, you may wonder why I’m writing about a school so totally opposite of Pine Manor College. The point is not which school I went to; which school was right for me. The point is to find which school is right for you.

Where do you feel right?

I hope as you mail in your deposit to PMC or to any other school you are excited and happy about your decision. College is the first step towards your amazing future and that journey begins now.

-Elyse Vasquez