Management and Organizational Change

Management and Organizational Change

The B.A. in Management and Organizational Change is a multidisciplinary major. It combines the study of Management and Organizational Development theories with practical applications of organizational leadership and social responsibility. This program enables students to develop the competencies required to function as organizational change specialists. Through internships and projects, the focus of the program in the practical application of a wide variety of change management skills. Boston-area internships in profit and nonprofit organizations allow students to explore specific interests while gaining work experience. Use of the cross-registration programs with Babson and Boston College further expand educational opportunities.

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Program Faculty


  • Raul Consunji
  • Joe Fargnoli
  • Craig Fontaine
  • Lawrence Miscowski
  • Jennifer Tonneson


Stephen Becker
Associate Professor of Management
Tel: 617-731-7069

Core Program Courses

EC 111 Principles of Microeconomics
EC 112 Principles of Macroeconomics
MN 101 Understanding Bus. in a Changing World
AC 205 Accounting I
MN 211 Management Principles
MN 220 Organizational Change: Strategies and Methods
MN 304 Business Leadership and Organizational Behavior
FN 310 Finance I
MN 351 Methods for Managerial Decision Making
MN 490 Senior Seminar in Managerial and Organizational Change
MN 495 Senior Internship


At least two of the following required:

EC 111 Principles of Microeconomics
EC 112 Principles of Macroeconomics
AC 206 Accounting II
MK 221 Marketing Principles
PY 224 Group Dynamics
MN 260 International Business
MN 270 The Nonprofit Organization
MN 301 Human Resource Management
MN 328 Entrepreneurship
EC 302 International Economics
MN 341 Business Law
MK 322 Marketing Research

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