Margaret Roberts: Spring is in the Air

[Ed.: This is the first installment of freshman lacrosse player Margaret Roberts' weekly student-athlete blog, an area in which she'll provide readers a glimpse into life as a Gator both on and off the field, as well as on campus and beyond.]

I am so glad that spring break is here because school, lacrosse and work have been hectic.

I have finally put my syllabus aside for a whole week. It’s so relieving to know that I can play Rockband ALL the time!! The past month on campus, there have been many amazing events going on. First was the dance ensemble’s “Dare to Be” performance. I just want to say that it was amazing. I like how they invited outside dancers to perform. All the ladies and gents definitely showed us who was boss. From the show, I learned how to “Vogue.” When the word was said it directly made me think of the magazine, but it assured me that it was not that. It was really cool and was a great event to bring the Pine Manor community together.

The next event that I just loved was the Faculty vs. Student basketball game. It was so much fun and a ton of people showed up. Roux was an amazing coach and knew who to put in at what time. I had a team that consisted of T.J, Jess Pinckney, Nicha and Santos, and we did an amazing job. Jess got a three-pointer and the crowd went wild. Ryan did a great job on the opposing team, but too bad I was stopping him from making amazing plays. I don’t believe you are allowed to body check, so maybe I was breaking the rules a tad bit. I just loved the atmosphere, though. I wished the game went on forever. I am proud to say that we beat the faculty. I am sure they would love to face us again. I smell another victory for us students.

This is my first year playing lacrosse, and I have to say that it is a blast. Everyone on our team works together and I am looking forward to our first game. We are going to do so well. I am a defender, and learning how to position yourself is hard, but I have learned it. The rules are really strict, so we have to be very cautious. I am used to going all out for soccer (left) but in lacrosse you have to watch about how aggressive you become. Technically, the stick is a weapon. I can only get better, so I am excited for the season to start!

For now, I will enjoy my break. I have Rockband and lacrosse to worry about. Jam secessions, of course, will be fun and nothing is better than playing sports. It will be a fun week and hopefully it seems like it will last forever!

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