Margaret Roberts: Gone With the Wind

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Spring break is coming to an end, and it brings tears to my eyes. It has truly been a week of bonding, practicing and having fun. I can tell you that I have not left Roux and Jess P’s side, either. We planned out things to do each day and we cannot stand to be away from each other now. One game we loved playing was Uno. Oh man!! It was getting really intense with the draw-twos and wild draw-fours, but it was so worth it.

I cannot forget about the almighty Rockband. We went into the city and not only bought Rockband I but Rockband II. We had amazing jam secessions where we obtained five stars and 30,000 fans. It was amazing and definitely kept us busy for hours at a time. If anyone wants to join our band, we are holding auditions!

One event we really enjoyed doing was going to see Alice in Wonderland in 3D. Boy, it was fun. We LOVED our 3D glasses so much that we have been wearing them to lacrosse practice and dinner. The movie was great but I believe it could have been better. Johnny Depp was still gorgeous as usual. I love how the blue caterpillar’s voice was Snape’s from Harry Potter. It made me giggle in the theater. I really love how the animators constructed the soldiers. They looked amazing and so real.

Some other movies we watched during the week were Land of the Lost and Year One. Land of the Lost was OK. The one blood-sucking bud scene was absurdly funny. I love how they just stared as the bug flew on him. Year One was definitely a comedy. It had all these biblical references and Jack Black was hilarious as usual.

I am excited to say that we have our first lacrosse game tomorrow (1 p.m, Winsdor Field). I really am pumped because we are a really strong team. I am glad we are getting to play on turf before our game to get used to it a little bit. It is a thousand times different than playing on a gym floor. Plus, we have to consider that it might rain tomorrow and it’s going to be harder to control the ball. I am probably going to play defense at the game and I am excited to show our opponents who’s boss. This is the moment I have been waiting for and I am going to give it my all. You either go big or go home, and we definitely do not want to go home!

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