Margaret Roberts: Busy, Busy, Busy

This week has been a very tough week with school and lacrosse. Time could not be any less on my side. That hour that we lost for daylight savings seemed like a lot. The classes I have this semester are world literature, children’s literature, government, composition, and pre-calculus, and the homework seems never ending. I finish an assignment for one class and I still have others to finish.

The big assignments I have to complete are a research paper and an essay, and the research paper is very difficult because I need to have a lot of information and there are only a certain amount of credible websites. I am doing it on the psychology behind Hitler. What motivated him to do what he did and who were his prime influences during and before his reign? The library has really helped me because they have the perfect books, but we can’t just use books. I am going to literally spend every waking hour in the library so I can finish this paper. My essay can be written about a certain short story or poem we have read in class. This paper will definitely help me relax after writing the research paper. If you don’t see me around this weekend it is only because my homework needs to be completed.

LACROSSE!! I have fallen in love with the sport. We have had our first three games and they have gone so fast. I am not used to playing 30 minute half’s because in soccer we play 45 minutes. I know I can work my butt of every second of the half though. Time also flies. I feel like we just started the game. These three games have been about working together for my teammates and I. We have not been successful in winning but we have learned how to become more of a cohesive unit. From the first to the third game there have been less eight-meter shots for the opposing team and less fouls called on us. Defense is working hard and hearing that from our coach only makes us want to work harder. In our game on Saturday we won a ton of draws. I was very proud of my teammates. Towards the end of the game you could see us transitioning the ball up the field. It was nice to see. I am so excited for our next game on Tuesday.

4/26/14 - Softball
2014 GSAC Tournament
L, 8-0 (6 inn.) vs. Salem
Box Score | Recap

4/25/14 - Softball
2014 GSAC Tournament 
L, 9-8 vs. Wesleyan GA
Box Score | Recap

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