Margaret Roberts: Losing Phones, Winning Games

Have you ever lost something that was very dear to your heart before? Well, I have never really experienced it up until this past week.

The Lacrosse team just finished dinner and we left the café. I thought I had my phone on me because I was showing someone my screen saver. I usually leave my ID or my keys somewhere, but I always remember a short while later and retrieve them. This time I walked all the way to my room and did not even think about my phone. Getting my homework done was my first priority. So about twenty minutes passed and I wondered why I had not heard from my mother and I started to search for my phone and I absolutely could not find it anywhere. My roommate called and called it, but still nothing. This called for a scavenger hunt to retrace my steps. I went from East 3 to the cafeteria about ten times and it just was not there. Who would have taken my phone? But then again it is the coolest phone in the world. I called my mother on my roommate’s phone and we were talking about canceling the phone and stuff until one of my friends came into the room and gave me my phone. She picked it up at the café and forgot to give it to me.!!! This was a crazy experience that lasted way too long.

On an amazing note, we won our lacrosse game at St. Joseph (CT), 10-8. It was a great game. It was our first conference win and we were so thrilled. Roux made a warm up cd, and we were jamming the whole way there. It was so much fun. While listening to the cd one song came on called “Shout,” by the Isley Brothers and we were not expecting that one bit. It was hilarious and we kept shouting it after we got off the bus and when we scored goals. It is officially our team song. It pumps us up at any time. It’s that amazing. I advise you to listen to it if you have never heard it before. So, after the game we all gathered on the shuttle and blasted the song and had a team dance secession. It was so much fun. We could have played another game we were so pumped up.

I am personally glad we worked as a team and we completed our goals that we set before the game. It felt good to win a conference game. Hopefully we see more in the games to come.

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