Margaret Roberts: Home Sweet Home

At the start of the week, I was praying for this week to go fast because I finally got to go home on Thursday night with Amanda. The week flew by and here I am sitting on my front porch, in Allentown, PA, with my sister Katie, enjoying the upper 70-degree weather. My journey from the unknown was extreme and very tiring.

We headed to South Station in Boston around 4:15 p.m. and it was a trip I will never forget. It consisted of jamming to rap music, showing our best dance moves, and rolling down the windows and asking for directions. I believe we all know how to get to South Station now. The one guy we asked said, “Just go straight until you can go no more.” So, if you want to go to South Station, just go straight until you cannot go any further.

Now that we all know that, as soon as we got into the station we went up two flights to gate 9. This was my first time going anywhere on a bus for more than one or two hours. We got on the bus and headed out. For about the first hour, the bus kept stopping and going due to the heavy traffic. It seemed that traffic was backed up for miles and miles so that was my cue to take a nap. I have to say that it was very uncomfortable. First, the chair was perfectly erect. They must want everyone to have perfect posture. Second, the uncontrollable stopping and going of the bus kept giving my neck whiplash. I survived and got some sleep, so that was good.

The next stage was AWESOME!! This one lady from the back asked me if we could switch seats because I was not using the plug. So, being Margaret Roberts, I could not deny her. I grabbed my bags and moved to the back. This was where I met a guy who loved playing the bricklayer game on his iPod. It was quite hilarious. His legs were crammed against the seat in front of him and he looked extremely awkward. He made my night better, though, because of how extreme he got with bricklayer. He was shaking and talking to the iPod. I definitely brightened my mood by a couple of percent.

We finally made it to the Tick Tock diner in New York and Amanda and I were so glad. We got off and ran to her mother’s car!!! We were off. It was about 10 p.m. We drove for awhile and listened to pop and country music. Amanda was singing sweet nothings in my ear!! We got to her house around 12 and Katie, Jordan and Mom were there waiting for me. I was so excited. We hugged and did all that affectionate stuff you do when you see people you have not seen in a long time.

We had a very fun night and prepared ourselves for the morning. I went with Katie on a run and we played soccer all day. It was so much fun. We did not want to stop, but unfortunately the sun went down and the darkness prevented us from playing. That did not stop us from playing in the house and almost breaking everything. Friday night, we watched “Where the Wild Things Are.” It was a very strange, sad and hilarious movie. The message I got from it was that being a family is hard and I thought that was a great message, but not for a children’s movie. It should have been more fun. It was well done, though, and the wild beasts were well animated. It was amazing.

Saturday, I went to Katie’s soccer practice and watched some of my former high school team mates going at it. Katie was a total SPARTAN!! I just want to say that Joe came up to me and said hi and asked me how I was doing. One step up in the world for me.

Well, that concludes my journey home, and I am looking forward for my next adventure.

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