Margaret Roberts: Coming to an End

School is almost over and it is very upsetting. My teammates and I have all become so much closer, and we are going to have to wait a couple months to see each other again! We are planning trips to Six Flags and the beach so we can hang out over the summer. I can’t wait.

During the summer, all I am going to be doing is getting ready for soccer and working. That does not sound very exciting, but I am sure I will try my best to have fun. I have my wonderful family at home and we always have fun, so it will most likely be a great summer. Mr. Whushu is FINALLY going to be alive. He loves summer. He always goes outside and either lies in the grass or hides in the cherry tomato patch. He is a different person in the summer because he is not afraid of the weather.

Well, with school coming to an end that means lacrosse is coming to an end. I have formed a bond with my lacrosse teammates, so I will dearly miss them. This week alone, we have spent too many hours on the shuttle taking us from school to a destination. On Monday it was Rivier College. We wanted to wear our du-rags so badly, but maybe next time we will. We had such a fun time during the game and we played like we wanted it. It was a great feeling. Our transitions were amazing. It went from the goalie to a defender then a midfielder then an attack. We got it down and it was a great feeling. They were a good team but we held them. It feels great that everyone worked their hardest to play and unite as a team.

The next game was on Wednesday, and we faced Elms College. We did not play as well as we played on Monday but we did manage to win, 11-10. It was a very scary game for Glenn and me because we were the only defenders. We had to mark up on four girls. We were positive and kept yelling “Lady Huskies!!” to stay positive and it worked. Glenn was loud and positive, and I like having that in a teammate. It made me play that much better. It made me want every ground ball, every draw, and every interception. Even though our attack got a little carried away in the end, we did hold them and it felt great to win another game.

This Saturday we have a game verse Husson in Maine. That will be a long trip, but hopefully we come together and work as a team!

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