Margaret Roberts: Before We Go Our Separate Ways

This week has been full of memories that I will not forget. We are doing as many things as possible before we have to go back to our homes. It’s upsetting because Kaylyn, Amanda, Linds and I have become really close and we don’t want to leave. The first adventure we went on was to the Cambridge Mall, Longhorn and Coldstone.

Since none of us have our license or have a car for that matter, we took the T into Cambridge. It was my first time going into this part of the city, so I was very excited. Also, I can honestly say that I have not been to a mall in a long time. It’s not really my thing to do because it involves spending, and spending is not my forte, but I had fun so I was glad I went. When we got to the mall, right outside it was this huge fountain. It was beautiful and I made some wishes. The mall was nothing like the one in Allentown, PA. It has three huge floors, and was so decorative and upbeat. Everyone was “fresh,” and I had my hiking boots on.

Kaylyn took me to Borders! It was exciting. We went into stores like Yankee Candle, Foot Locker, and looked for clothes. One store that I bought something in was Claire’s. That is my favorite store. I bought my sister Katie some of the soccer ball earrings exactly like mine for her birthday. She is going to love them. When we left the mall, I was satisfied that I only spent about $5. After the mall, we headed back to Fenway to have dinner and ice cream.

We ate at the Longhorn restaurant next to the movie theater. I ordered my usual; chicken fingers and fries. It was so filling. I could not walk after I finished my meal. Everyone was wearing their Boston Red Sox shirts because the game had just been going on. I am really glad that Longhorn had milk. It was delicious and the mug was pretty cool.

After we went there we stretched and walked next door to Coldstone. When I first heard of Coldstone, I envisioned another restaurant. It is, in fact, an ice cream place. There were so many choices but when I saw Germanchokolatekake, I needed to try it. It was delicious. When we went back to the T this one guy even wanted some. He was so funny (and obviously not above the influence). We finally got back for the night and went to Amanda’s room to have a sleepover like old times.

We watched “Law Abiding Citizen,” with Gerard Butler. Wow!! It was such a great movie. I was sidetracked a lot by Mr. Butler, though. He was such a smart man in the movie and of course very hot. I wish the movie would have ended differently. Sadly, I did not want the cops to win the battle. He should have pulled out his spear and shield. He would have conquered the city. Before we watched the movie, we all brought our mattresses into Amanda’s room and slept on the floor. It was super fun. We also took crazy pictures on her computer. This was a very fun day, and I could not have been any happier.

We shall soon have another night like this because we leave on May 5th. That is sooner that you think!

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