Margaret Roberts: Going Out With a Bang

Classes are over and finals are underway, but it has not stopped us from having fun.

We have participated in activities such as Stress Busters, late night breakfast, bingo and a softball game with the Pine Manor Athletics staff. These activities definitely help bring together all of Pine Manor's students, professors, staff and coaches and always guarantee we have a great time.

MargaretA lot of students appreciate Stress Busters because it is a way of relaxing after a hard semester and before having to study for finals. This time around, one of the activities I really enjoyed was making a mother’s day card. Homemade cards are always the best and I know for a fact that my mom loves them because we make them each year for her. They had all sorts of examples to help us with ideas. Some cards were very creative and decorative. Inside my card I decided to write a poem for my mom. Hopefully she will appreciate the rhyme scheme. I tried, and that is all that matters.

While we were making our cards they had milk and cookies. Everyone knows how much I LOVE milk. I was so happy. After I made my card and filled my tummy I got a massage. I do not know why I get them because my back is so ticklish. The lady kept poking me and I was giggling the whole time. She must have thought I was a weird one. You should have seen my face. I was trying so hard not to laugh and you know what happens when you do that. You spit out your mouth. Oh man. That was too much fun. Well after stress busters ended we headed over to late night breakfast and bingo.

This, like stress busters, only happens twice during the school year and practically the whole campus shows up to win great prizes. Bingo is like a sport to most people. They take it very seriously and get in some crazy stances. It’s a great atmosphere to be in. We laugh almost every second of it. We always have the athletes verse everyone else. It is so fun because we get so excited when an athlete wins. We start hooting and hollering. I just have to say that we had the bingo God’s on our side last night. I don’t know how many times we won. Michelle Meyers won a handbag, Amanda Smalley won movies and popcorn, Roux Spartan won a camera and Chelsea Swiger won an iPod player. We did not want the night to end. On top of playing and extreme game of bingo we ate some amazing food. We had eggs, bacon, French toast, pancakes, sausages, and fruit. It was bomb and of course I had seconds; who didn’t. One last event of the week that we were all waiting for was the softball game.

Softball is not really my sport but I appreciate it now. I would always tease Kaylyn about how it requires no talent, but boy was I wrong. I have battle wounds from the game. It was very hard. Catching was hard and hitting the ball. I would swing and almost pull my shoulder out of its socket. Everyone enjoyed the game and it went very well. We had a few people score homeruns. The first was my biggest inspiration Kaylyn Delgado. She hit one right to right field. It was amazing and I finally got to run home. She is amazing. The second person who is a hulk like hitter was Ryan McCarthy. He is very good at hitting homeruns. There is no stopping him. He was doing all these crazy loves also. He loves his sports. Congrats to the pitchers: Michelle Cambell, Michelle Meyers, Sivan T, and Jess. They were great. Don’t think I forgot all of the base players and field players: Kristi, Roux, Santos, Glenn, Cory, Kasey, Jason, Erin, and V. Everyone did an amazing job and I can wait for the next pick-up game. We came, we saw, we conquered!

4/26/14 - Softball
2014 GSAC Tournament
L, 8-0 (6 inn.) vs. Salem
Box Score | Recap

4/25/14 - Softball
2014 GSAC Tournament 
L, 9-8 vs. Wesleyan GA
Box Score | Recap

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