Marketing Courses

MK 221
Marketing Principles
Marketing is critical to the growth of any organization. MK 221 explores customer segmentation, product development, pricing, promotion, and distribution of products, services, and ideas. This course introduces students to the importance of the “marketing concept” and customer focus, as well as socially responsible marketing. Fall.
Group: II.

MK 322
Marketing Research
Students learn the qualitative and quantitative tools and techniques used to answer questions about how best to meet the needs of a target audience. Topics include
research design, data collection methodologies, questionnaire construction, focus groups, analysis, and interpretation and reporting of research results. Spring, alternate years.
Prerequisite: MK 221; Group: II.

MK 324

Students study the advertising industry and explore the role of advertising agencies and how businesses use advertising, publicity, and sales promotion. Students study advertising from both an account and creative viewpoint and formulate advertising strategies and campaigns. Fall, alternate years.
Prerequisite: MK 221 or permission. Group: II.

MK 328
Direct and Internet Marketing
How do you sell directly to the customer? Direct mail, catalog, TV home shopping, and the Internet are some direct marketing methods. Students learn to reach selected target markets and understand how to manage direct response programs within the framework of a company’s overall marketing strategy. Social networking as a marketing tool will be a course component. Spring, alternate years.
Prerequisite: MK 221. It is preferred that students have also completed MK 322 Marketing Research. Group: II.

Courses offered selectively:
MK 240 Sports Marketing
MK 323 International Marketing
MK 325 Retailing
MK 327 Selling and Sales Management