Tuition & Fees

Tuition for the Solstice Low-Residency Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing program of Pine Manor College is $6,250 per semester. This includes all workshops, classes, seminars, panel discussions, one-on-one sessions with faculty mentors, and readings during the 10-day residency (which launches the semester), and independent study with the student’s faculty mentor throughout the semester.

The tuition fee for the fifth, graduating residency—the culmination of the MFA program—is $675*, which includes the graduation ceremony. *in fall 2016 this fee will be $750. Please see our Program Overview for more information about graduation requirements.

The residency is an integral part of each semester, and takes place on the Pine Manor Campus. Students may choose to live on campus during the residency. Double rooms are available for $55 per night, and single rooms (which are limited, and assigned in order of seniority) cost $65.00 per night.

Any student may opt to purchase the three-meals-a-day plan for $195.  This includes dinner on the first residency night and brunch on the last day.  All meals are served at the college’s centrally located cafeteria. Students also have the option of paying cash at the door for individual meals. A $75 hospitality fee is charged per semester for all students; this fee covers an opening-night reception, daily coffee & tea service, a faculty-student event, entrance to the post-graduation reception, and a wrap-up breakfast.

Graduating students can expect a binding fee of approximately $100 for the binding of their critical theses.

Once accepted, students will be sent room and board request forms.

Books each semester will vary in cost, depending on the reading list developed by the faculty mentor and student.

Information about financial aid can be found in our financial aid guidelines and by calling our Financial Aid Office at 617-731-7129.