Mike Miner, Everything She Knows (Solstice Lit Books)

Casey Jones Flanagan: A force of nature; a tsunami; an earthquake; a volcanic eruption. Everything She Knows chronicles her complicated, often tragic, sometimes comic, coming of age. The characters in these five linked stories are haunted by what they have lost, by the mistakes they’ve made. As the casualties mount, the Flanagan family learns to savor the moments they have with each other, no matter how sad. In the end, scars tell tales. Sometimes pain is the price of survival.

Mike Miner lives and writes in Connecticut. He is the author of Prodigal Sons (Full Dark City Press), The Immortal Game (Gutter Books) and Everything She Knows (SolsticeLit Books). His work can be found in the anthologies, Protectors: Stories to Benefit PROTECT and Pulp Ink 2, as well as Beat to a Pulp, All Due Respect, Burnt Bridge, Narrative, PANK, Solstice: A Magazine of Diverse Voices, and others.