Mike Miner, The Immortal Game, (Gutter Books, 2014).

“Mike Miner's terrific The Immortal Game makes great use of the game of chess, but even better use of the battle between rival crime families in New England. There is not a wasted word, but the story still manages to be filled with heart, great characters, and lovely writing.”
—Patti Abbott, author of Home Invasion

“Spare, razor-sharp prose, deftly drawn characters and a switchbacking plot drive The Immortal Game. There’s no shortage of blood and brutality but it’s the surprising humanity that Miner finds in even the worst of his characters that gives this mob story a unique twist.”
—Roger Smith, author of Dust Devils

“What I like about Mike Miner's writing is that he strives for beauty and at times he strives for poetry. At times he's elaborate, at times he's rococo, and at times he crashes, and at times he burns, and at times he takes flight. Infuse this with hardboiled crime and it's singular, it creates something unique.”
—Anonymous-9, author of Hard Bite