Our Mission

Pine Manor is committed to educating and empowering a diverse student body - one student at a time - with the knowledge and skills they will need to meet the challenges of career, community and citizenship in today's global society.


Value Statements

  • We provide a rigorous education that is designed to positively challenge each student.
  • We empower our students to be creative, collaborative, articulate problem-solving citizens within the global community.
  • We create life-long learners with specific skills, marketable tools, and the confidence and self-knowledge to employ them effectively.
  • All students' educational experience is rooted in the College's historic strengths, in particular strong learning relationships created between students and faculty and with each other.
  • Pine Manor College reaches each student through a combination of student-focused teaching and mentoring that is both supportive and challenging.
  • Students study, live and grow within a small community of learners representing significant cultural and socio-economic diversity.


History and Tradition

Pine Manor College affirms our tradition that builds a powerful learning relationship for all students with the results that Pine Manor graduates are well prepared to compete successfully in the professional world.  Current graduates embody the values of the College’s past century: learning rooted in the liberal arts; self-awareness and self-knowledge; compassion, respect and interest in all people; curiosity, resourcefulness and kindness. We remain committed to the historic values developed and enriched by our first century of educating women as we expand our mission to transform the lives of men as well as women. The lessons of our history inform our response to current challenges and they shape our future.



We strive to become recognized as a small liberal arts college renowned for its innovative pedagogy and success in positively transforming students through dynamic learning and career preparation.  We are dedicated to true deep diversity in which students, from a broad spectrum of backgrounds experience a personal learning environment that transforms them and prepares them for successful careers in a rapidly changing world. Our diversity informs and enriches both a liberal arts curriculum and individual disciplines, creating imaginative, collaborative, culturally competent citizens.