"My Planets"

Let me hug the world with both my arms
Feeling like the little girl reaching for the stars
And mars and Mercury
Planets circle my mind and the sun rays aren’t burning me
I am lost in the craters of the Moon
And so soon I wed the constellations with the rings of Saturn
And I drive so fast through space that a ticket doesn’t even matter
As I park my car on Pluto and dance with Mickey Minnie and my best friend Tigger
I then leap to the planet Neptune because it’s bigger.
Although, I do miss my parking lot ex-Pluto,
I sit at Neptune and listen to the soundtunes of Juno.
With my weightless heart, gravity floats me by Jupiter
The planet I hear where the boys are stupider
Yet my knowledge weighs me down to ask boys questions
“Were you hit by a meteor or are you dumbstruck by your reflections?”
As I love my mirrors I travel to see Planet Uranus
I hang with my girls Cordelia, Ophelia and Juliet (who’s now famous)
I get energized for a game on Venus
And Serena is serving up, comets fly by and I can’t see this.
My blurred vision pushes me back and I trip over asteroids
And gravity seems non-existent as fall back in my bed to deploy
My arms around my plastic Mother Earth
Can we turn the heat down cuz global warming's starting to hurt
God's plan may or may not be working but beyond the heavens
I'd like to stay on my planet eleven
Where utopia is an understatement and love is the only medicine
And we are god's strength against the devil's sin.
My embrace around this ball of green and blue becomes more real and more real
I then fall asleep to the dreams of my planets journeys remained in my mind sealed.
I develop the starry state of mind in overtime.
And that's one small step for womyn and one giant leap for humankind