National Survey Demonstrates Value Added by PMC Education

A national study demonstrates that significant, positive changes occur while students attend Pine Manor College -- changes that are also significantly greater than those occurring in women who attend other colleges across the country.

Compared to when they were first year students -- and compared to women at other colleges – PMC graduates demonstrated greater increases in intellectual and social self-confidence; greater commitment to promoting racial understanding, participating in community action programs and becoming leaders in their communities; and a stronger belief that individuals can help bring about social change.

This national survey of college students, sponsored by the American Council on Education and the Higher Education Research Institute (HERI) at UCLA, is designed to better understand the impact of the college experience on student learning. Data have been collected since 1965 from more than 10 million students at over 1700 colleges and universities. PMC has participated in this effort for over two decades.

PMC first year students complete a survey designed by HERI when they first arrive at the College and again during their senior year. Questions for the first year students focus on previous experiences with learning, their confidence about their abilities, their intended areas of study in college, and their goals, values, and aspirations. The senior survey asks students about their experiences over their four years in college, as well as their values, hopes, and aspirations for the future.

For several years we have collected direct evidence on how PMC students have developed by comparing the first year and senior year survey answers of individual students. These data clearly demonstrate that PMC graduates have been positively affected by their experience at the College in ways that are consistent with the mission and values of Pine Manor College.

Student Development from First Year to Senior Year (2000-2004)

Female Respondents  PMC NS AP PMC NS AP PMC NS AP
  Firstyr Firstyr Firstyr Senior Senior Senior CHG CHG CHG
Student rated self "above average" or "highest 10%" as compared with the average person of his/her age in:
Self Confidence (intellectual)  42.6 56.2 54.3 72.3 64.1 61.6 29.7 7.9 7.3
Self Confidence (social)  45.8 40.8 42.6 77.1 52.8 52.7 31.3 12.0 10.1
Self Understanding  47.8 56.2 53.4 71.7 69.0 65.4 23.9 12.8 12.0
Objectives considered to be "essential" or "very important"
Influencing social values  31.1 41.1 44.0 57.8 49.3 51.8 26.7 8.2 7.8
Participating in a community action program  29.5 31.7 29.7 45.5 33.7 31.8 16.0 2.0 2.1
Helping to promote racial understanding  37.8 35.2 31.4 62.2 40.1 38.8 24.4 4.9 7.4
Becoming a community leader  31.8 32.3 32.5 52.3 34.8 34.2 20.5 2.5 1.7
Student agrees "strongly" or "somewhat"
Realistically, an individual can do little to bring about changes in our society  30.0 18.7 19.2 15.0 16.9 16.8 -15.0 -1.8 -2.4

(Data from UCLA Higher Education Research Institute)

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