New Major: Community Health

Beginning in the Fall 2010, Pine Manor students will be able to select a new major – Community Health. This major is designed for students interested in working in health related professions and activities as these apply to the health of communities.

The community focus on health involves work to assess the health needs of a community, and to design and implement programs to improve community health. Community health professionals work with educators, public health officials, clinicians, and community leaders to tackle problems that affect groups. For example, community health workers might seek to design and implement surveys to assess the level of HIV awareness and knowledge in a community; then to create and implement a program to improve HIV awareness; and finally measure the degree to which awareness increased.

Preparation for Community Health involves developing both knowledge and skills. This new major contains two parts:

  • A core of courses for learning foundational principles of community health, and
  • The freedom to select a minor “Focusing Area” that defines the individual student’s knowledge, skill set and approach to the practice of community health. This might be Psychology, Counseling, Management, Sociology, or Human Health

The Community Health Major also emphasizes experiential learning. The learning goals of the major are rooted in the overall goals of the College and are related to “core functions” which have been defined for all professionals working in community health.