About Pine Manor College 2018 Retirees

Sarah Woolf
Director of the

Annenberg Library,
Began at PMC in 1993

Sarah Woolf, MLS, has shaped the Annenberg Library for 25 years, creating a welcoming, comfortable and relevant place for generations of Pine Manor College students. Through innovative programming and close relationships with faculty and staff she embedded academic programs into the Library and oversaw instruction. As Library Director she initiated the digitization of library collections and created a partnership with the Minuteman Library Network Consortium. 

William Vogele
Professor of Political Science
Began at PMC in 1996

William Vogele, PhD, has devoted his academic career to peace and conflict studies and has contributed to numerous publications on the subject. He has been instrumental in the development of interdisciplinary curriculum programs and of ways to build student success through experiential learning. He served as Dean of the College from 2011 to 2014, providing leadership through a period of change at PMC.

Dear Pine Manor College Alumnae/i,

We write to you today on the verge of joining you as alums of Pine Manor College. At the end of the 2018 academic year we will be retiring from the College, and like you at your own graduation, we are excited for the next phases of our personal journeys.

We are also incredibly proud that we can take this step at a moment of great strength and excitement at Pine Manor College. Our College today is stronger than it has ever been. We are clear about our mission and purpose, and still fully committed to the values that have sustained us for over 100 years.

During our years as members of the Pine Manor College community, which stretch back a quarter of a century, we have been part of dramatic changes. Through it all, the core values and promise of the College remained the same: to educate with purpose -- to empower you, our students, to actively shape your future, to follow your dreams, and to become the best that you can be.

Our journeys have been fueled by our relationships with you. Your academic, professional, and personal successes (and sometimes, struggles) gave meaning and purpose to our work. Many of you kept in touch well beyond your graduation; asking for advice or sharing updates on your career and academic pursuits. We celebrated each success story and career breakthrough, and we want to thank you for including us in your lives.

Our relationships with you have sustained us in our commitments to grow and to become educators who deserved your trust. We were inspired by your resiliency and your aspirations, and like many others in our amazing community of learners, we believed in you and encouraged you to believe in yourselves.

It is our belief that your journeys at Pine Manor College were as meaningful as ours have been. We hope that you continue to honor all of Pine Manor College’s educators who have made a difference in your lives. Your stewardship and generosity will ensure that both students and professors at Pine Manor College will enjoy a similar transformational journey for years to come.

It has been a great privilege to be a part of this community with you, and together to create our second home here at Pine Manor College.

Yours truly,

Sarah Woolf
Director of the
Annenberg Library

William Vogele
Professor of
Political Science