"Pain, Power, and Pride"

On January 12, 2010 my homeland, my nation, my country took an unbelievable hit. A 7.0 earthquake hit Haiti, and it was devastating. Words cannot express what this has done to my family. My heart is heavy as the days go by, and I see the images on the news. Silent tears begin to flow as I see the makeshift graves they made, and as they just throw away the bodies of my people. One, two, and three: the people of my country have just become more numbers in the death toll. They became more numbers in Haiti's history because this earthquake will never be forgotten by this nation.

My homeland, my nation, my country took a bad hit from this earthquake, but deep down I know that we shall overcome and get past this tragedy. The power of prayer is what makes my homeland stand strong and united at a time like this. "Ayiti Cherie," I’m praying for you and for all the families of Haiti. As Haitians we are all family and must stand strong together. The words on my flag, "L'union fait la force" mean "unity makes strength" or "strength from unities." Just as the American dollar bill says "In God We Trust" my flag has powerful words on it. As I lay my head down, from my mouth to the ears of those heavenly skies, I whisper these words silently:

Dear Lord,

Hear the prayers and cries of my nation and send us the help we need. Open up those heavenly angelic golden gates. Accept the fallen angels of this devastating tragedy with open arms. Send the guiding light of that North Star to the ones who can’t find their way and bring them back to their loved ones. Amen.

The sound of prayer is silent compared to the cries of my nation because I know they are loud and heartbreaking, but as a nation shall get past this day. We will rebuild and become stronger and more united because through tragedy comes strength. As Wyclef Jean said "We felt the earthquake, we felt the earth shake, but the souls of the Haitian people will never break." My flag may be drenched right now from the tears of my country, but these tears will be water for the seeds that have been planted for us as Haitians to grow strong and overcome. Lean on me, Haiti, and hold on.