Parking Map

PMC Parking Map

AFerry Administration Lots
GGuest Lot (Tennis Courts)
 Visitors and Guests
 All overnight vehicles must be out by 7 a.m., Mon-Fri.
Ferry Administration Visitors Parking
 B1: Visitors
 B2: Faculty/Staff
HWest Lot
 Resident Students Only
Dane Science Building Lot
 C1: Faculty/Staff
 C2: Commuter Students
 C3: Faculty/Staff
 C4: Commuter Students
IBarn Parking Lots
 Campus Vehicles Only
DSouth Lot
 Returning Resident Students Only
JEast Lot
 Returning Resident Students Only
EHealth Center Lot
 Health and Wellness Center Staff
 Returning Resident Students Only
KEllsworth Parking
 Commuter Students
 Special Events
FSouthwest Parking Area
 Resident Students