Physical Education and Athletics

PE 102 Pilates

PE 115 Yoga

PE 117 Aerobics

PE 150 Self-Defense for College Women
This course is offered by the town of Brookline.

PE 200 Directed Study in Physical Education
Students who are interested in athletics but do not have the requisite skill/conditioning level to be a varsity player, are given the alternative of becoming a student team manager or student athletic trainer. The role of team manager includes organization and statistical record-keeping for each athletic team. The role of the student athletic trainer includes organization, record keeping, policy execution in a healthcare setting, basic skills in injury management and taping techniques.
Prerequisite: Permission of Athletics Department.

PE 210 Responding to Emergencies: American Red Cross CPR and First Aid Certification
Provides the knowledge and skills necessary in an emergency to help sustain life, reduce pain, and minimize the consequences of injury or sudden illness until professional medical help arrives. Topics include: adult CPR; acute injury care; medical emergencies such as poisoning, substance abuse, burns and cold exposure; rescue procedure and healthy lifestyles. Each student earns American Red Cross Certification upon successful completion. Fee.

Team Sports

PE 310 Varsity Volleyball

PE 320 Varsity Soccer

PE 330 Varsity Cross-Country

PE 350 Varsity Basketball
Fall and Spring.

PE 370 Varsity Softball