PMC Awards 60 Degrees at Commencement Ceremonies

Patty Pabon '09

Pine Manor College conferred 57 Bachelor Degrees and three Master’s Degrees at its 97th commencement ceremonies on its Chestnut Hill campus on Sunday, May 10, 2009.  Honorary doctorate degrees were conferred on Lori Arviso Alvord, MD, Associate Dean of Student and Multicultural Affairs at Dartmouth College Medical School and first woman Navaho surgeon in the United States, and Deborah E. Wiley ’66, Senior Vice President for Corporate Communications at John Wiley and Sons, Inc., Publishers.

In her remarks to the graduating seniors, Pine Manor College President Gloria Nemerowicz described the occasion as a day to exuberantly celebrate “the accomplishments of your Class of 2009.   Now it is time to go and apply the skills and the values that your have learned here as part of the Pine Manor community over the past four years.”   She then went on to say:  “More than ever before the world needs what you have learned and what you know.   You are willing to honestly engage what is going on in your communities and your world.   You value diversity, inclusivity, and intellectual development.   You are caring, compassionate, and social responsible and you need to work to claim your place as the leaders of tomorrow.”

Senior Class Speaker Patricia Pabon ’09 told her classmates that over the past four years the lesson of self discovery was the most important that they had learned and that as they set out on their life’s journey, they needed to be filled with resolve and passion.  “The world is waiting for you to decide who you are going to be.”

Dr. Alvord, who had spent some time on campus in March visiting with the senior class, said “Pine Manor College has been working hard to instill in you, its students and graduates, an imperative to work for social justice and equality, not only for women, but for all, through its educational process.”

Dr. Alvord reminded  the parents in her audience of the lyrics of the song “Teach Your Children Well,” concluding by reciting an old Navaho prayer for the graduates.

Deborah Wiley recalled her own commencement at PMC forty-three years ago, saying that the most important point of her education was the development of her critical thinking ability.   She mentioned that as a member of the College’s Board of Trustees and Board of Visitors she knew that the College was continuing this vital task.

“In this economy,” Ms. Wiley said, “you graduates might not be able to immediately get the job that you want, the job that absorbs all of your passion, but, don’t worry, take what you can and then continue to look for what you want, and if necessary, create the circumstances for what you want yourself.”

The graduates received the following degrees: three Master’s of Fine Arts in Creative Writing; eight Bachelor of Arts Degrees in Biology; four in Business Administration; five in Communication; one in Economic and Financial Systems and Psychology; three in Economic and Financial Systems; two in English; two in History; four in Liberal Studies; four in Management and Organizational Change; ten in Psychology; nine in Social and Political Systems; and five in Visual Arts.