PMC Celebrates 10 Years of President Nemerowicz and the ilsr Mission

President Gloria Nemerowicz

More than 200 people - including local and national friends of PMC, alumnae, faculty, and staff - celebrated the tenth anniversary of Gloria Nemerowicz's presidency at a gala evening at the Colonnade Hotel in Boston on May 4. The event, which included a reception, dinner, and awards presentation, raised more than $150,000 for student scholarships. A slide show and a video highlighting Pine Manor College and the achievements of the past ten years set the ton of the evening by being both retrospective and celebratory.

The evening concluded with remarks by President Nemerowicz about Pine Manor College, its mission, and its role in the future of American higher education. She began by remind the audience that "more than 25 percent of high school students drop out before they graduate, and of those who go on to college, more than one third don't complete their degree within ten years.

"Many talented young men and women are discouraged from developing their true potential because they don't have the funds that would give them access to educational opportunities," Nemerowicz continued. "Although money is a major issue, familial and societal attitudes also play a crucial role in higher education, and all too often the poor, minorities, and women get left behind.

"There is a need for what Pine Manor College brings to the table and what we are trying to do," the President added, "and all of us - alumnae, administrators, faculty, staff, and students - need to be proud of what we are accomplishing, we need to be proud of being part of the Pine Manor Community, and we need be proud of Pine Manor.

"Building an inclusive community is clearly essential in today's world," Nemerowicz pointed out, "and building an inclusive community on many levels can serve as a global model We need to learn to be inclusive in our educational system, in our decision making, in our interactions. We need to be open, and we need to have understanding and tolerance.

"We need to reach out of our families, to our communities, and to our world," Nemerowicz concluded. "We need to continue to provide quality education that is relevant to the needs of today's world and today's women and that helps give them the tolls to make a difference tomorrow."

During the banquet, PMC's Award of Inclusive Leadership and Social Responsibility was presented to two institutions and their leaders for their ongoing commitment to the community and to higher education: Liberty Mutual and the Nellie Mae Education Foundation and its president, Blenda J. Wilson.

 Melissa MacDonnell, Director of Corporate Public Affairs, Liberty MutualThroughout its history, Boston-based Liberty Mutual, a leading global insurer, has helped "people live safer, more secure lives." Under the leadership of LMG Chairman Edmund F. Kelly, the Liberty Mutual Foundation was established in 2003 to support communities and improve lives. Its grant-making priorities are education - especially educational programs that encourage disadvantaged youth to excel in grade school, high school, and/or secondary education - and broad-based health and human services. Special focus is on health care for low-income individuals, cultural organizations, and youth mentoring programs.

In accepting the award on behalf of Liberty Mutual, Director of Corporate Public Affairs, Melissa MacDonnell said, "We at Liberty Mutual are so grateful that a place like Pine Manor College exists, a place that comes alongside of young scholars of all backgrounds, a place that infuses its students with hope, and a place that helps them all to succeed. It is my great honor to thank Gloria Nemerowicz and Pine Manor College for your inclusiveness, your social responsibility, and your leadership in showing us the way."

Jay Sherwin, Senior Program Officer, Nellie Mae Education FoundationThe Nellie Mae Education Foundation, located in Quincy, MA, was created in 1998 to provide grants and other support to institutions and organizations in New England that help improve academic achievement and access to higher education for underserved students. The foundation is New England's largest philanthropy devoted exclusively to "opening doors" to education achievement and equity for New England's underserved populations. Its focus includes adult literacy, college preparation, minority high achievement, and out-of-school programs that improve in-school achievement. Blenda J. Wilson, a nationally-know authority on higher education policy issues, served as the first president and chief executive officer of the Foundation, leading it in defining its vision as a major grant maker, research organization, and convenor and policy-maker in New England.

In accepting the award on behalf of the Foundation and Blenda Wilson, Senior Program Officer, Jay Sherwin said, "I can't think of any institution of higher education in New England that better exemplifies the ideals of the Nellie Mae Foundation than Pine Manor College. And I don't know any who exemplifies the principles of inclusive leadership better than its president, Gloria Nemerowicz. No one brings more passion to that cause or pursues it with greater conviction."