PMC Dance Ensemble Performs in NYC


On Saturday, May 14, 2011 PMC Dance Ensemble members Karm Augustin, Christina Johnson, Tracey Martocchio and Sharon Montella gave a beautiful and enthusiastically received performance of "Taylored for Mahala" choreographed by Sharon Montella in dedication to Mahala Beams. The performance took place at Jennifer Muller The Works in New York City and was part of the Hatch presenting series.

Other artists on the program that evening were Vital Dance, Michele Maleh, Cynthia Berkshire, Christina Bitonti, Collision Theory, Tiny Dancer NYC, Casey Ott Dance Collective and the If/Then Dance Project.

In addition to the performance, the dancers took class at Steps on Broadway (a ballet with Lonne Morreton) and at the Alvin Ailey American Dance Center (Haitian Folklore with Peniel Guerriere) and posed for photos at the performance space!

Many thanks goes to Pine Manor Performing Arts, Bill Stargard, Bill Vogele, Denise Alleyne and all who helped make this performance possible.

For more information about Jennifer Mueller The Works, click here.For information regarding the PMC Dance Ensemble, click here.