PMC Student Featured on New England Cable News Story

Congratulations to students Noemie Martin ’13 (pictured above), Sharon Hillman ’13 and Assistant Dean Sophia Henderson who represented PMC at AICUM’s Student Financial Aid Day at the State House on March 1, 2011. Sophomore Noemie Martin’s interview with Senator Sonia Chang-Diaz was featured as part of New England Cable News’ coverage of the event. Please see the link below to see the interview and read the article:

Sharon Hillman ’13, Assistant Dean Sophia Henderson, and Noemie Martin ’13
at AICUM’s Student Financial Aid Day at the State House.

FINANCIAL AID IS UNDER ATTACK! was the clamor of President of AICUM Rich Doherty. It was very alarming to hear that at least two states—Connecticut and New Hampshire—are proposing to eliminate financial aid for students attending private colleges. One hundred and forty students from twenty-nine colleges were present at the State House. The room was packed to capacity with students seated on the floor of the A2 Hearing room. The Speaker of the House Robert DeLeo came in on crutches! His appeal to the student audience, “What is your personal story and how will these cuts affect you?…Your presence here motivates us to act!” He also introduced new Higher Education Co-chair Thomas Sannicandro who said that he related to student’s concerns on a personal level. He is a descendant of immigrant grandparents and his parents only completed high school. He financed his way through college and is currently working on another degree. We closed the rally with Senator Michael Moore, co-chair of the Higher Education Committee, advising that students must go back to their colleges and encourage other students to get involved. He told the students,“Make phone calls to your representatives, contact your local district offices, and make a personal visit to the State House. You don’t realize how few take advantage of this opportunity.”

Our students made us very proud! They also interacted with the following offices:
Senator Cynthia Creem
Senator Sonia Chang-Diaz
Representative Kay Khan
Senator Patricia Jelen

Below is a link to continue this advocacy to become a supporter of this very important appeal:

Students and staff representing colleges and universities from around the state.
Pine Manor College represented front and center!

Personal recap by our two superstars..Noemi and Sharon.
Thank you for your support!

My experience and visit to the Statehouse as an advocate supporting students who receive Financial Aid was a memorable one. Being in a room with multiple college students from all around Massachusetts gave me hope that I was not alone in the struggle for Massachusetts Grants in our efforts to secure our education. We spoke to senators and representatives of our state, as well as the towns and cities we represented and thanked them for the hard work and efforts to pull us out of the 1.5 billion deficit our state is facing. Budget cuts and the economic struggles are something we are all experiencing. Pell grants and other funds are a big part of my college career and I was able to express that through an interview with NECN News. I also had the opportunity and honor to speak with Senator Chang-Diaz. It was an enlightening experience, and I am proud to have personally addressed this issue as a representative of Pine Manor and for all students who could not be present. Fight for one! Fight for all! Peace and Blessings!

With respect,
Noemi Martin ’13

Peace of Mind, Love, & Understanding
"Knowledge provides strength? 
Dios Te Bendiga (God Bless You)

Attending AICUM was one of my most inspirational experiences. Once entering the State House and actually engaging with numerous individuals and various groups of college students, the thought of “our voices for change” flashed through my mind. There were college students from all over Massachusetts who attended this event to say “no” to cuts in state financial aid, but they also represented all the students who need to be heard. After hearing Senator Michael Moore speak and express his dedication to higher education, I was impressed by his motivation to guide students on how to keep our financial aid funded. I realized that it takes not only these powerful authorized individuals, but it begins with “us” the students—we can initiate change. I was able to meet a couple of representatives. In the Pine Manor area, Representative Kay Khan was greatly enthused and eager to understand why we, as students, need and would like to continue to have what is only right for our success. I was also able to communicate with Senator Cynthia Creem’s assistant, while the Senator was interacting with students from other colleges in Massachusetts who were also expressing their hope of being able to stay in school. It was great to have the opportunity to speak up on this issue and for everyone to listen because the senators and representatives were either a parent to a student, or had attended college themselves, giving them a connection to each and every student that was at the State House fighting for their voices to be heard.

Thanks for this amazing opportunity.

Life is what she called it; Love is what she is; History is what she made it!
Sharon V. Hillman ’13