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The 4 Mistakes Women Make on Facebook

This article originally aired on WBZ TV-4 11pm News on March 30, 2009

Teenagers aren't the fastest growing group of Facebook users. That distinction goes to grown up women. But as adults flock to social networking sites, they need to learn a new set of social skills. Sometimes these new rules of etiquette can be confusing.

Lisa Amore of Danvers is a 40-year-old mother, but she's acting a lot like a teenager these days as she checks out her Facebook page. She says she just got hooked and finds it addictive.

Figuring out all the new terms, such as friending, defriending, and flair, can be a challenge for a new user. In fact, many adults have no idea what's appropriate behavior on Facebook.

For example, someone from high school wants to be your friend, but you didn't really like this person back then. Do you have to accept them now?

Sametrias Sena, Ashley Jones, and Anouk Sickman – all students at Pine Manor College in Brookline – say it's OK to ignore that kind of request. They also say you shouldn't feel bad if you decide to defriend someone either.

Sametrias believes that older women understand the networking aspects of Facebook, but can get lost figuring out some of the other aspects of the site.

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