PMC to Host Northeast Regional Campus Compact Conference

Creative Tensions in Building the Engaged Campus: A Three-day Event of Innovative Workshops, Dynamic Learning Circles, and Renowned Speakers, June 9-11, 2005

Come to learn. Come to act. Come together.

Featuring Keynote Speaker: Julia Cameron, Internationally Recognized Workshop Leader and Author of the million-plus seller The Artist’s Way.

The work of building engaged campuses revolves around creative tensions: thinking and acting, campus and community, service and advocacy, bottom up and top down, cognitive and affective, and many others. These tensions call for creative solutions and inspire innovation in our work.

For the first time ever, the Northeast Regional Campus Compacts have joined forces with the Educators for Community Engagement, combining their annual meetings to create a unique national gathering, unlike any other conference you will attend all year. This partnership brings together two of the oldest service-learning organizations in the country, to explore the future of campus and community engagement.

The Northeast Campus Compact’s have become invaluable resources for strengthening and expanding the engaged campus. They provide proven models and tested resources for more than 300 campuses across 7 states and their annual conference has come to be the premier service-learning event in the northeast. The Educators for Community Engagement has spent ten years exploring models of teaching and learning that value diverse voices and involve all members of the service-learning community. Drawing on the personal stories and experiences of its members, the Educators for Community Engagement using learning circles to probe cutting edge questions about our role as teachers, students, and community partners.

This year’s combined conference, Creative Tensions in Building the Engaged Campus, will provide participants with new tools, training, and the opportunity to work together. The two organizations have worked closely to develop a new kind of conference. Set on a college campus, with on-site housing available, this conference will seek to build community between participants, offer new resources to the field, and energize our work. With valuable workshops and collaborative problem solving sessions, this promises to be a one of a kind event.