Portfolio Learning

Presentation and submission of learning portfolios is a graduation requirement for all Pine Manor College students. The formal presentations of the portfolio takes place twice, ordinarily during the sophomore and senior years, on designated days in the spring semester. The portfolio contains evidence of and reflections upon student learning related to the general education outcomes and accomplishments within the major. The development of the second-year portfolio is facilitated through participation in Sophomore Colloquia and independent work. The senior portfolio is facilitated through participation in junior/senior mentoring groups. Accommodations will be made for transfer or out-of-phase students to integrate them into the portfolio process.

Pine Manor College Learning Outcomes

  1. Effective Communication: The ability to communicate effectively in writing.
  2. Critical Thinking: The ability to think in ways that encourage creative and effective problem solving and sound judgment.
  3. Inclusive Leadership Skills: The ability to work effectively and collaboratively in a group, assuming leadership when appropriate and facilitating its appropriate assumption in others.
  4. Multicultural Perspective: An understanding of how race, class, ethnicity, culture, and gender affect contemporary society.
  5. Social Responsibility: The ability to understand, reflect upon, and participate in socially responsible behavior.
  6. Depth of Knowledge: Selection of and participation in an in-depth exploration of a disciplinary or interdisciplinary field of study.
  7. Oral Communication: The ability to communicate effectively and responsively in speech.
  8. Quantitative Reasoning: The ability to use mathematical concepts to analyze relationships, solve problems, and communicate.
  9. Application of Knowledge: The ability to recognize relationships between different areas of knowledge, and to connect theory and practice intellectually and in practical situations.
  10. Creativity and the Arts: An understanding of the creative process through experiencing the arts.