Practice Your Interviewing Skills!

Mock College and Job Interviews: Admissions blog post 12.18.09

Practicing a college or job interview is a great way to ensure success. It will help you sound more prepared and knowledgeable as you speak while keeping you calm and confident. So, find a friend, family member, or someone in your school to help you do a mock interview. You can give them these directions and feedback form. Any feedback can help you improve your interviewing skills. Do not think of this as a criticism, it is just a way to practice a certain skill.


Mock College Interview


To the interviewer: The most important way to simulate a real college interview is to let the student set the course of the conversation.  It’s very rare for an admissions officer to have a “set list” of questions to rattle off.  Rather, it’s an opportunity to talk about the student’s strengths and see if they are prepared for college.


Below are some sample questions to get your started.  But feel free to ask anything!


What is your favorite subject in school?

Tell me about a really great project that you’ve done in high school.

What is your most important extracurricular (out of school) activity?

What subjects would you study at this college?

How would you get involved in campus life at college?

If you could meet any one person from all of history, who would it be?

What is your greatest weakness?

Describe a challenge you had in high school and how you were able to work through it.

What is the best book you have ever read?


Mock Job Interview


To the interviewer: Job interviews will probably be more structured than a college interview. Here is a list of general questions; however, you may want to ask more specific questions about their field. It is important that the student have a job area in mind that they want to practice for.


How would you describe yourself?

What made you want to apply for a job in the ________________ field?

Do you have any experience in this field?

If not, what experience have you gained from other positions that may apply here?

How has high school prepared you for the work force?

What factors are most important to you in your future job?

Do you have any specific skills?

Do you work well under stress?

Being a recent high school graduate, how do I know that you have already gained a strong work ethic?

Please describe your strengths and weaknesses.

Give me an example of when you had to deal with an irate customer/client. How did you handle it?

Describe the last time you used teamwork to solve a problem. What did you do and what was the outcome?

Do you have any questions for me? (They should always have questions!)

Mock Interview Feedback Form


STUDENT”S NAME:___________________________________________________________


INTERVIEWER’S NAME:_______________________________________________________


Was the student dressed appropriately and on time?  Please explain.



How was the student’s body language (eye contact, handshake, focus)?



Did the student take the interview seriously?  Please explain.



Was the student ready to volunteer information or did you need to drag it out of him/her?





What impressed you the most about this student?






What would you have liked to hear more about from this student?





Did you get the impression that this student is ready for a rigorous college environment or job?  Please be honest, and explain.






****Does the student need to participate in another mock interview? Please list the main things the student should work on for next time.