Michele Ramirez, Ph.D., Coordinator
 Karen Hussar, Ed.D.
 Diane Mello-Goldner, Ph.D.
 Donna DeFuria, M.A.
 Devon Govoni, M.A.

The major in Psychology offers students the opportunity to grow in self-understanding and in the understanding of others. Psychology majors take a core of courses that provide basic knowledge of psychological theories, methods, and research techniques. Students then select a concentration in Expressive Therapies, Human Services, General Psychology and Organizational Psychology.

The major prepares students for careers in human services, research, and education and provides background for further training in medical or health-related fields. A minor in Counseling is available for non-Psychology majors and Psychology majors not concentrating in human services. 

Major Requirements Psychology (8 courses)

  • PY 101 Introduction to Psychology
  • For Psychology as a Social Science, choose one of the following: PY 206 Social Psychology or PY 211 Theories of Personality
  • For Psychology as a Natural Science, choose one of the following courses: PY 320 Physiological Psychology or PY 348 Cognitive Psychology
  • PY 340 Research Design and Applied Statistics
  • PY 341 Community-Based Research Practicum and Applied Statistics
  • PY 490 Senior Seminar
  • PY 495 Senior Internship in Psychology
  • Any ONE experiential course from the following choices: IN295: Exploratory Internship; IDS201 (2 credits) and IDS202 (2 credits): Mentoring and Mentoring Practicum; any other service learning designated course as designated in the current catalog other than the research sequence of PY340/PY341 (since students are already required to take this two course sequence as part of the major requirement) – AH 235: Latin American Art, SPS 150: Peace and Conflict IDS 200: Inclusive Leadership and Social Responsibility and PY 234: Cross-Cultural Psychology (S-L option).

Plus the selection of one of four concentrations:

Expressive Therapies:

Required courses:

  • PY222 Introduction to Expressive Therapies
  • One Developmental Psychology Course:
     PY216: Child Development, PY264: Psychology of Adolescence or PY364: Adult Development
  • One Course on Abnormal Behavior:
     PY217: Childhood Disabilities or PY231: Abnormal Psychology
  • Three courses from the following categories: DA, MU, TH, VA or Creative Writing Course (EN205: Visiting Writer's Seminar-Fiction, EN206: Creative Writing, EN207: Visiting Writer's Seminar-Poetry or EN 208: Creative Non-Fiction). If a student chooses dance as one of the categories he/ she must take 4-credits worth of dance in total.
     (This would give students familiarity with the basic forms of expression that expressive therapist use to help people.)

Recommended courses:

  • PY221 Counseling and Interviewing
  • PY345 Psychology of the Family

Human Services

Required courses:

  • PY221 Counseling and Interviewing
  • PY345 Psychology of the Family
  • One course focusing on normal development (either PY216 Child Development; PY264 Adolescent Psychology or PY364 Adult Development)
  • One course examining abnormal development (PY231 Abnormal Psychology or PY217 Childhood Disabilities; PY216 will remain the prerequisite for PY217).

Electives:  Any One course from among the following:

  • PY 216, PY 264 or PY364 if not already taken
  • PY 222 Introduction to Expressive Therapies
  • PY224 Group Dynamics
  • PY234 Cross-Cultural Psychology
  • PY250 Forensic Psychology
  • PY270 Sport Psychology
  • PY305 Personality and Social Development in Children
  • PY328 Psychological Testing

General Psychology

Students choose 5 courses besides the core major requirements in consultation with their psychology advisor. This will address the needs of students interested in pursuing a career in a more research-oriented area of Psychology (such as a M.S./Ph.D. in a specific area such as Child Development or Social/Personality Psychology), or a career in the areas of Forensics Studies or Criminal Studies.

Organizational Psychology

Required courses:

  • PY224 Group Dynamics
  • MN 220 Organizational Change: Strategies and Methods
  • MN301 Human Resource Management
  • MN 304 Business Leadership and Organizational Behavior

List of Electives:

One course from the following electives:

  • PY221 Counseling and Interviewing
  • PY328 Psychological Testing
  • PY364 Adult Development
  • MN101 Understanding Business in a Changing World
  • MN211 Management Principles
  • MN270 The Nonprofit Organization

Minor Requirements


PY 101 Introduction to Psychology
 PY 340 Research Design and Applied Statistics
 Two Psychology courses at the 200 level or above.
 One Psychology course at the 300 level.


Michele Ramirez, Ph.D.
 Donna DeFuria, M.A.

Requirements for students not majoring in Psychology, concentrating in Human Services:
 PY 221 Counseling and Interviewing
 PY 231 Abnormal Psychology
 PY 345 Psychology of the Family: Theory and Practice
 Two of the following:
 PY 224 Group Dynamics
 PY 234 Cross-Cultural Psychology
 PY 328 Psychological Testing

In addition to the five courses listed above, an internship is highly recommended.