I said that your heart was like wet cement
My feet would get stuck no matter how hard we tried to get em' out
And even after I'm gone my steps will be imprinted in your heart
You'll always remember what happened and learn from it
But in reality your heart was quicksand
It eats everything and anything in its path
It's as natural as grass, water, and fire
But you can't cut it, you can't dry it, and you can't put it out
It's like energy... It can't be destroyed
It just moves from one heart to another
It's parasitic, like poison ivy
It's like a passion it learns to drive me
It's like the sun when it keeps me warm
Til' it explodes and we're no more
And no matter what it always explodes
Melting the ice that cracks and I fall through
But you just stand there and watch
As I struggle to breathe my last breath
I fight my way back to the top... and pull you in with me
I don't consider it revenge
I consider it extending you the same courtesy you extended me
Along with everything else from square one
It all happened because you made it that way
It was your fault, no more and no less
Did I give in? Absolutely
But you trapped and tricked me into your heart
Into your big box of quicksand