"Seeking Revelation at the Midnight Café"

Could Hitler be in heaven,
Walking upon those I call
The everlasting saints?
Then who is a saint,
Which is rightly called forth,
Or all men saints, with
Every day is a monument unto them?

Father says,
Nothing is impossible for God,
A Buddhist who believes
(With his whole heart)
In Buddha will be rewarded,
And what of the atheist,
Who believes (with his whole heart)
In nothing, derives
No purpose
From a universe growing colder
To him, to everyone, to everything?

Father says,
God is loving, God is powerful
But God has no power to hate,
Am I more powerful than God,
Because I can fill myself with fire
And cast out brimstone,
What of hell father,
Could you ever hate me,
Do you have the power,
The will to hate,
Could you do it forever,
Could you see me suffer
Forever, my screams
Coming through flutes to you,
Could you dance to my suffering,
Build basilicas to my defeat?

Father says,
Hell is separation, the farthest from god
Are in hell, their own hell,
But God is far from everyone,
Good and evil are closer together,
Knowing one another better
Than God, they keep to a battle
With one another, still
Only making an acquaintance with the Divine.
God sees all, but is not in all,
The creator admiring and disliking,
Finding disappointment in his creation,
If otherwise, then Pantheism
Would hold true and God’s hand,
Would be dripping with blood.
So God then is in hell,
While he sits in heaven,
No one heeds his calls
(I feel sorrow for the fellow)

But Father says,
Nothing is impossible with God,
Am I too hard for him,
To chew and swallow,
Absorb within his heavenly goodness?
It can happen
He says,
What do I have to do?
Nothing, it seems,
An all-powerful force,
Can do what it wants with me,
I am not an immovable object,
The church improves your odds,
God is a bookmaker,
God roles dice!
Who is far from God,
If God is everywhere?
He says,
I hope not
I hope so.