Solstice MFA Celebrated Third Graduation with Walter Mosley as Commencement Speaker

The Solstice MFA in Creative Writing Program of Pine Manor College celebrated its third graduation on Saturday, July 18, 2009. Six students ranging in age from 30 to 58 and representing six different states —including California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Texas, and Washington State— received their diplomas: fiction writers Sara Cameron and Erika Sanders; creative nonfiction writers Linda Alcorace, Charles Boisseau, and Deborah Wood Holton; and young adult writer Alison McGrath.

Best-selling author Walter Mosley served as commencement speaker, bringing his wisdom and humor to a brief address that encouraged graduates to maintain the community established during the MFA program and urging them to keep at the challenging work of being a writer. He likened the role of modern-day writer to that of the blacksmith of the past: just as the blacksmith created everything that influenced and made the world go round in past centuries—from nails to horse shoes to bullets—the work created by today’s writers carries similar significance and weight. It is a craft to be treated with seriousness, honesty, and hard work, he said.

Class speaker Erika Sanders offered some words regarding her experience in the program as well as her hopes for her fellow graduates going forward; President Gloria Nemerowicz toasted the achievements of the program and its students. A reception followed in the Meditation Room, where over 50 guests mingled in honor of the graduates.