Special Programs

Community Heathcare Outreach Certificate Program

Pine Manor College's Certificate in Community Healthcare Outreach prepares students to work effectively and collaboratively within communities, particularly those with underserved healthcare needs, to promote and maintain the health of residents. Drawing on a variety of disciplines, our courses and established internship placements introduce students to the history and current practices related to community healthcare, issues involved in healthcare policy, and basic principles of health and illness. Additionally, the program focuses on ways to facilitate the development of community partnerships that foster the health and wellness of the community as a whole.

This Certificate program serves three populations:

  1. Public Health personnel, nurses, social works, and others who work in community healthcare.
  2. Students interested in the Certificate Program in conjunction with another academic major or professional degree, ether from the outside or within Pine Manor College.
  3. Students majoring in Biology, Psychology, or Social and Political Systems for whom this Certificate would support their career goals.

The Certificate requires seven courses (four core courses and three electives). The Combined Certificate/Major Program requirements depend on the major professional degree that each student has or is pursuing. It is anticipated that some of these requirements will overlap other extant programs or external degrees.

Certificates of Competence in French

The certification program enables students majoring in a Pine Manor College B.A. program to earn an additional credential that may be helpful in careers where skill in a second language is an asset.

Level I: Certificate of Competence in French

Students entering the program at the elementary level qualify for the Certificat de français pratique upon completion of the following five courses in French:

  • FR 101 Elementary French I
  • FR 102 Elementary French II
  • FR 201 Intermediate French I
  • FR 202 Intermediate French II
  • FR 204 French for Spoken Communication - or -
  • FR 284 French for the Professions

Level II: Certificate of Proficiency in French

Students exempt from the intermediate French courses as a result of appropriate scores on the French achievement or the Pine Manor College placement examination may qualify for the Certificat de français pratique - niveau avancé upon successful completion of FR 204 or FR 284 and two courses from the following:

  • FR 211 Contemporary France
  • FR 248 Masterpieces of the French Short Story
  • FR 250 French Literature of the Twentieth Century
  • FR 259 Great Epochs of French Drama

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Certificate of Competence in Spanish

A fluent and literate Spanish student reaps the personal satisfaction of speaking, reading, and writing an additional language and enjoys the practical benefits of a skill that can enhance job opportunities in a variety of fields.

The certification program enables students majoring in one of Pine Manor College's B.A. programs to earn additional credentials that may be helpful in pursuing careers where skill in an additional language is an asset.

Level I

Students entering the program at the elementary level qualify for the Certificado de Español Practico upon successful completion of the following:

  • SP 101 Elementary Spanish I
  • SP 102 Elementary Spanish II
  • SP 201 Intermediate Spanish I
  • SP 202 Intermediate Spanish II
  • One upper-level course taken through cross-registration

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