Student Affairs

Welcome to Pine Manor College

This fall has brought an unbelievable season for the Patriots; a world further united to defeat terrorism; and, college students across campuses in the United States finding their voice to stand-up for civil rights, equality, and fossil fuel divestments. The learning and engagement on college campuses takes place inside and outside the classroom, as college students question “What is right?,” “Who am I?,” and “What is my purpose?” Your time in college is filled with exploration, learning, creating, and self-discovery. Your hard work and perseverance got you into Pine Manor College and will also help you persist from semester to semester.

In the Office of Student Affairs we want to see you succeed! Our job is to support you when college and life knock you down, and challenge you to think differently and think bigger. We are your extended family who will drop a dose of honesty on you when you mess up, but will never stop cheering for you and encouraging you to find your path. We are your aunts, uncles, big sisters and brothers, counselors, mentors, teachers, and friends. When you don’t know where to go, come to Student Affairs as we have a team of energetic, supportive staff here to assist you.

Please visit our website to learn more about the opportunities we offer within Student Affairs. My Outlook calendar is always up-to-date, so please feel free to schedule a meeting or simply pop over. As a new member of the Gator family, I look forward to getting to know you, helping you become an engaged member of our community, and watching you cross the stage at graduation!

Staci Weber
Dean of Student Affairs