Student and Work Study Jobs

How to apply: On-Campus FWS Jobs

Campus employment includes a wide variety of opportunities within departments of the College. See below for a list of available on-campus positions and job descriptions, or email to request a current list. Pay rates are standard for all campus positions.

Off-Campus FWS Jobs

Students eligible for FWS may find a work position off-campus in a company or organization that qualifies for FWS funds. If you are hired into an eligible position and would like to apply your FWS award, please contact the Financial Aid Office for assistance.

Work Study Job Openings

Accounting Clerk

Department/Office: Accounting/Finance

Number of openings: 1

Hours required: 4-6 per week

Pay: $9.00/hour

Description: Assist department in filing and record management.  Help with accounting functions for special projects.  The job will help a student to develop office and financial skills, and serve as a great resume builder.

Qualifications: Computer, typing, clerical/filing, Excel, Word are all a plus, but not required. 

How to apply: Send resume to

Tutor (Off-campus)

Employer: Tutors for All, 89 South Street Suite LL02, Boston, MA 02111

Number of openings: 40

Hours required: 4-6 per week (preference for Mondays/Wednesdays or Tuesdays/Thursdays, 1:45-4pm).

Pay: $9.00/hour

Description: Tutor a 7th, 8th, or 9th grade student in either basic math or literacy at Cathedral High School.

  • Create lesson plan for student in preparation for each tutorial session.
  • Execute lesson plan in either basic math or literacy.
  • Proctor student assignments and tailor tutorial to fit student's growing skill knowledge.
  • Use creativity to engage student in difficult lessons.
  • Serve as an example of college success for your student.
  • Grade your student daily on participation, effort, and respect.
  • Work as a member of a team of tutors who reflect, plan, and problem solve together with the help of two supervisors.
  • Prepare progress reports for students.
  • Periodic clerical work: filing curriculum, calling parents, etc.
  • Attend mandatory training before start of tutorial program.

Qualifications: Passion for working with urban youth; adherence to strict professional standards as regards to conduct, dress, timeliness, etc.; eagerness to reflect on and improve performance.

How to apply: Contact Christopher Baginski, Program Manager, at