Student Health Insurance Plan

Participation in the College’s Student Health Insurance Plan is mandatory unless the student provides satisfactory proof of coverage at the beginning of each academic year (semester for Spring only) under another plan (i.e., the policy carrier, policy holder, and policy number); and the student files an online waiver form. This alternative policy must have a U.S. – addressed carrier and phone number. International students are enrolled on a mandatory basis and cannot waive the Student Health Insurance Plan.

Waiver / Enrollment information is sent at the time of first billing. An online application for coverage or a waiver must be received before classes begin, and no retroactive refunds will be made. For students who miss the deadline date, a petition to waive must be submitted directly to the insurance carrier and will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

The Director of Finance will make the final decision on any insurance fee refund.

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Student Financial Services

Main Number 617.731.7000
Toll Free: 800.762.1357

Deborah Gravel
Director of Financial Aid
Direct Line: 617-731-7628

Susan Gonzales
Assistant Director of Financial Aid
Direct Line: 617-731-7129

Migdalia D. Perez
Financial Aid Counselor
Direct Line: 617-731-7121