Student Staff

The Director of Residence Life oversees the development and integration of programming, based on student development theory and wellness principles. The Director works closely with the student leaders to identify and address current student interests, issues and concerns. The Director of Residence Life supervises the Resident Assistants (RA’s) and oversees the campus housing systems and is responsible for developing, implementing and monitoring all policies and procedures, and facilitates the judicial process. The Director is a liaison to the Admissions office, Campus Safety and Environmental Services. Resident Assistants (RA’s): serve as liaisons between the Office of Student Life and students; demonstrate interest, concern and advocacy for each student in the residence halls; assist with resident student concerns and issues; respond to violations of the College policies; provide resources and referrals; coordinate educational and social programming with residents; serve as role models in academic and personal behavior.

There is a RA on duty each night (both weekday and weekend) from 6pm until 12am in South Village and East Village. The RA's on duty sit in the Commons and respond to various concerns that may arise during the evening; ranging from lockouts and roommate conflicts to violations of College policy.

In addition to the RA's on duty each night there is also an Administrator On Call (AOC) each evening. AOC's are professional staff members who are a part of the Student Life Staff.