"The Governor"

Our eyes first met in decadence
Your knees were stiff, your shoulders tense
As I kissed your neck and softly brushed your chin

But soon your doubt, it changed to want
Your depravity you chose to flaunt
And I took for myself the pleasures of your skin

I whisked your willful soul away
I led your petty heart astray
And watched your spirit grow ever more gaunt and thin

To keep you from their happy cries
I filled your head with empty lies
So you couldn’t figure who from where from when

And now as you’ve begun to mourn
Your love for me replaced with scorn
I’ve tied you fast with promises thick and thin

But as the light is slowly fading
I’ll no longer bear this endless waiting
While you forget all that was and been

So now as you lie broken here
No courage to stand, no fire to fear
I’ll show to you the joy that hides in sin