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Transforming Our Future

On April 2, 2019, Pine Manor College hosted a conversation about Transforming Our Future. Bill Schawbel, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and supporter of Pine Manor College, warmly welcomed many friends who joined him in the Moncrief Library and kindly introduced President Tom O’Reilly:

“Pine Manor College’s outstanding ability to create the environment to educate Boston’s diverse and low-income population is unparalleled. This institution’s resurgence, led by Tom, has transformed Pine Manor College into a stable and financially-stable entity. It is my honor to introduce to you my friend, and Boston Latin School alum, Tom O’Reilly.”

President O’Reilly took the podium to introduce a few of Pine Manor College’s current students and said, “it is all about our students. Everyone here, at Pine Manor College, is student-focused. When we take the time to understand what our students are going through, and what their needs are, we can ensure their success.” He jokingly reminded everyone that the graduating seniors in the group would soon be looking for jobs. “This is a networking opportunity, so don’t be shy.”

Guests had the great fortune to hear from two advocates for Pine Manor College who have partnered with the College in different ways.

Michael Contompasis, Headmaster Emeritus of the Boston Latin School, former Superintendent of the Boston Public Schools, and renowned educational thought leader, spoke about Pine Manor College’s traditionally under-served population, and why the work that they do is of such vital importance to their students and the greater community.

“Pine Manor College has a mission—to provide an opportunity for young people who may not have yet realized what available options there are for them in this country. Their mission is based on the belief that all students should be given a chance to take part in what this country was built on—the opportunity to develop one’s talent to the fullest. What Pine Manor College does, is to take students who may have not considered the opportunities out there, and teach them that they are as good as anyone else. 

What’s unique about Pine Manor is what we should be duplicating in the public school sector, and that is to move away from the idea that one-size-fits-all. It doesn’t, and it shouldn’t. The innovation Pine Manor provides is a rigorous academic program, coupled with career opportunities and internships, all while supporting students with surround-care. This builds students’ confidence that they have what it takes. There aren’t many institutions of this caliber that do that, and there’s a tremendous need for schools like Pine Manor. For all of you that are here, who have the means, I would ask you on Tom’s behalf, to keep this vision going.”

Equally impressive was Katrina Shaw, CEO of Freedom House, discussing the powerful and mutually beneficial relationship between Pine Manor College and Freedom House.

“When women needed a place to go, there was Pine Manor College. Now you have a new generation of young people who need a place to go so they can discover their possibilities. Pine Manor College fulfills that, and continues to build on this institution’s legacy. So yes, write a check. But more than that, lend your expertise, lend your support—because in letting young people touch you, you will make all the difference. I am so grateful to be in partnership with Pine Manor College. Freedom House is a community-based organization that is the bridge between the Boston Public Schools and college. While in high school, we help our students navigate and direct them to the right fit for them, and I’m so happy that for a lot of our young people, Pine Manor College is the best fit. At Pine Manor College they receive not only academic rigor, but also housing, because many of our students suffer from housing insecurities. It’s about putting students first, and doing what’s right for them. Tom is the kind of partner who will do that—be there, and offer solutions, and for that, we are tremendously thankful.”

Pine Manor College is proud of the academic and financial transformation that has taken place over the past 30 months. President O’Reilly’s strategic business model has put the College on track for sustainable growth, and as the College looks to the future, additional support is needed to best serve the College’s deserving students.

Please join the Boston community and beyond by supporting Pine Manor College’s goals of expanding their outreach and making a world of difference.