Keep a spot for me
on the floor
of your dorm.

I’ll be in New York
about a month
after summer gets there.

And I’ll be there on time
I’m sure the Greyhound won’t rear end a truck
two rides in a row.

Save your songs
I want to hear them all
We’ll go to your Washington Square Park

Pass under the Arch
with your guitar
and pretend it’s a portal
–dimension of parched grass but full fountains.

Get some more of that
white chocolate peanut butter
and that Italian bread from Trader Joe’s.

We’ll live off that,
and episodes of Rescue Me,
and stories about all the girls you get,
and all the boys I don’t
and now don’t frown an apology at me like you do.
It’s nothing to me, so it should be nothing to you.
– I got more holding me together than a few good screws.

We’ll stay away from Times Square
and visit your Swedish Cottage in Central Park.
I’m sorry I’ll still be a month shy of getting into a bar.

But at least we have Around the Clock –
best nearby New York breakfast for cheap
aside from, of course, those donut and bagel stands on the streets.

And when my feet finally get tired
and my back needs a chiropractor
and I feel I’ve drained the summer from this city,

I’ll head back to mine,
and wait for your turn, your time
to play wanderlust.

Because you know there’s a bed for you in Boston.