Visual Arts

Visual Arts Program:

The Visual Arts major at Pine Manor College enables a student to emphasize either studio arts or art history in a self-designed type of major. A student takes a small number of required courses in these subjects, including a senior internship seminar and a senior thesis project, and selects one of two tracks in the major. A student and her/his advisor work very closely to select the electives in the major based on her/his interests and career goals. In addition, a student is also encouraged to take a broad range of courses outside the major which will complement her/his interests and career goals. A student may also register at nearby Boston College for additional courses.

Creative thinking is at the core of the Visual Arts curriculum. Students develop creative and critical thinking skills in visual expression and writing, as well as a broad range of studio and design skills that will serve them well in the workplace.  

Courses are offered in Studio Arts, Computer Graphics, Photography, Graphic Design, and Art History. Students may also pursue a major in Communication and concentrate in Visual Communication (see Communication).

Learning Outcomes of the Visual Arts Program

  • Student will be able to demonstrate an understanding of the historical/cultural context for the arts, and become acquainted with philosophical and theoretical perspectives related to the field through writing.

  • Student will be able to use the vocabulary of design and composition, as well as demonstrate critical awareness of the relationship between form and content.

  • Student will be able to use two or three art mediums, demonstrating a foundation of proficiency in at least one. 

  • Student will be able to develop a personal process in the creative and critical elements of visual expression by using curiosity, flexibility, commitment, passion, receptivity, risk-taking, honesty, and determination.

  • Student will demonstrate her/his learning through an internship experience in a professional visual arts environment, and in addition, will demonstrate new knowledge gained from her/his experience.

  • Student will be able to work independently through the Senior Thesis experience. This includes setting an artistic objective in a chosen medium through a written proposal, and then combining the work of creative exploration with self-critical analysis, through completion to exhibiting her/his artwork in the Hess Gallery or other campus venue.


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Program Faculty


  • Jamie Bowman
  • Joshua Duttweiler
  • L'Merchie Frazier
  • Percy Fortini-Wright
  • Carolyn Wirth (Hess Gallery Director)

Rachel Loishcild - Program Coordinator
Tel: 617-731-7158

Program Courses

Core Courses

  • VA 103 Images to Ideas
  • VA 110 Drawing
  • AH 101 Introduction to Art History
  • VA 496 Senior Thesis Project
  • VA 495 Senior Internship


Studio Art

One Visual Arts course at the 100 level.
One Visual Arts course at the 200 level or above (e.g. Painting II, Drawing II).
One Visual Arts course at the 300 level or above (e.g. Painting III, Drawing III).
One Art History course at the 200 level or above

  • VA 103 Images to Ideas
  • VA 110 Drawing Fundamentals
  • VA 115 Introduction to Printmaking
  • VA 120 Design Fundamentals
  • VA 140 Basic Photography
  • VA 150 Introduction to Computer Graphics
  • VA 202 Painting/Watercolor
  • VA 205 Painting/Oil
  • VA 210 Drawing II
  • VA 215 Printmaking II
  • VA 225 Color
  • VA 226 Computer Graphics II
  • VA 253/353 Digital Photography
  • VA 281 Art Education: Materials and Processes
  • VA 299/399 Special Topics in Art
  • VA 311 Drawing III
  • VA 315 Printmaking III
  • VA 355 Design for the World Wide Web
  • VA 399 Special Topics in Art
  • VA 495 Senior Internship
  • VA 496 Senior Thesis

Art History

One Visual Arts course at the 100 level.
One Exploratory Internship.
Two Art History courses at the 200 level.
One Art History course at the 300 level or above

  • AH 101 Introduction to Art History
  • AH 210 Italian Renaissance Art
  • AH 213 Introduction to African and African American Art
  • AH 230 Baroque Art
  • AH 235 Latin-American Art
  • AH 245 American Painting and Sculpture
  • AH 260 Art of the Harlem Renaissance
  • AH 288/388 Picasso: The Artist and Modernism
  • AH 290 Creating Their Own Image: African American Women Artists
  • AH 303 Gender, Myth, and Power in Greek and Roman Art
  • AH 344 American Architecture
  • AH 373 Art Exhibition Seminar

Visual Communication

  • CO 240 Media Writing
  • IN 295 Exploratory Internship **

Three of the following:
Two must be CO courses, one of which must be at the 300-level:

  • CO 100 Introduction to Mass Communication
  • CO 120 Introduction to TV and Radio Production
  • CO 220 Concepts of Media Literacy
  • CO 310 Public Relations
  • CO 340 Digital Moviemaking
  • CO 420 Advanced Video Production
  • MK 324 Advertising
  • EN 209 Journalism on the Web and on the Page
  • EN 200 Writing on the Job

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