Visual Arts Mac Lab Updated to State-of-the-Art

With the replacement of the four-and-a-half year old computers in the Mac Graphics Lab the Pine Manor College facility is once again “state-of-the art.” The new Macintosh G5 1.8 MGhz Dual Processor 64-bit computers are able to run all standard graphics industry software with no problems and at warp speed. The computers use Apple’s new OS X Unix-based operating system. It is incredibly stable and the processing of large graphics files may still cause an application to “freeze” yet the machine will not crash and need to restart. The update has increased the number of machines in the lab from nine to twelve. This increase makes the lab able to accommodate larger classes and allows us to increase credit hour production.

New Mac G5 work stations in the Graphics Lab. Reusing some older displays allowed better use of our funds. With the new machines we have also been able to update our graphics software to Adobe’s new Creative Suite*. These inter-related applications are the industry standard much like Microsoft Office and allow students to manipulate images for Digital Photography, set and layout high quality type for Graphic Design, and experiment with shapes and colors for basic design courses. As we move further into the 21st Century it becomes more and more important that students realize the dominant role of computers in the design professions.

Students today have higher expectations about computer equipment and it plays a role in college choice. If you have been using computers since grade school you are aware of what is current and do no wish to take a backward step when selecting a college. This update will avoid conflicts and compatibility issues with student’s dorm or home computers and clearly demonstrates the college’s commitment to providing our students with a quality educational experience.

*Adobe PhotoShop CS, Adobe Illustrator CS, Adobe InDesign CS, Adobe GoLive CS, and Adobe Acrobat Professional.