William Hastings, The Hard Way (Tiger Bark Press, 2014).

The Hard Way is the memoir of a world wanderer with an enormous sensual appetite, learning to make onion soup when all he has to his name is an onion, and it follows him through a hardscrabble existence in the Virgin Islands, eating out of dumpsters until natives show him how to cook coconut over an open fire. Then we're off to the Middle East where he learns the staunch process and tradition of making the perfect coffee.

“The Hard Way is a young man's book by a young man with a seasoned heart, a young man worth reading. It has the freshness of the first morning you know you're alive, and the wisdom of the day you know days are numbered. It's about soup and it is one, a marvelous concoction of memoir, travel, culture, and cooking, a meal savored by an incisive intelligence and served up in prose that excites every sense.”
—Sterling Watson

William Hastings has lived and worked in Upstate New York, Cape Cod, Colorado, Denmark, Mexico, St. John and Kuwait. At various times he's been a lift operator, lumberjack, a mountain guide, a cook, a waiter, a teacher, and a maintenance man. He lives in Pennsylvania where he works as a farmhand and as a bookseller. He has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize.