A conversation with Congressman Kennedy

On Monday, April 25 2017, Congressman Joe Kennedy III met with students, staff, and faculty of Pine Manor College. A truly inspirational public servant, Kennedy took the time to engage in an open conversation about the issues that are on students’ minds. The students raised many concerns from education policies and student loans, through healthcare, immigration reform, equality, and voter suppression. Echoing our international and diverse community, the issues spanned from local community perspective to international diplomacy and world peace. After running through the long list of topics, Kennedy challenged: “So what do you do about it?” He then urged students to take an active part in the conversations: “I need you to speak up,” he said, ”these challenges are on your plate to solve. With all its complexity, politics is about people, and people are driving it. Engage in discussion with your family, your friends, and your neighbors. More importantly, speak with those who hold a different view than yours. Ask them why? And be ready to answer that question as well, because your voice matters.”

Thank you, Congressman, for all of your work on our behalf and for motivating so many of us to roll up our sleeves, stand up and speak up.