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Current Exhibition

Enter to Win the Campus Sculpture Challenge!

The Pine Manor College campus is home to a large sculpture collection.
The sculptures are in many styles and made of many different materials like bronze, stone, wood and steel.

Find some and …

take a selfie with your favorite, then email to the Hess Gallery at
All entries will have a chance to win an Amazon gift card! Entry deadline: October 1, 2021

Open to Pine Manor College students, Solstice MFA students, and Boston College students.

Take the full virtual sculpture tour

Download a map of Pine Manor College’s outdoor sculpture collection here (spoiler alert!).



Hess Gallery Young Filmmakers Online Film Festival

Growing People

Take a journey into the lives of three sisters affected by food insecurity in a place we think of as a vacation paradise. Through working at a local farm, the sisters learn about growing food as they gain an education and grow as people. MA’O Organic Farms, in the historical marginalized rural community of Wai’anae, O’ahu, is the site of a youth leadership program that has impacted the lives of hundreds of Hawaiian youth. This short documentary is an intimate look at the MA’O program through the stories of sisters Miki, U’ilani and Sheila Arasato.

Directed by Dana Forsberg, Growing People won “Best Documentary” at the Santa Cruz Film Festival. Dana’s work focuses on the empowerment of young women in marginalized communities.

The Pine Manor Community can watch for free using the code emailed by the Gallery Director. Anyone can watch for free with a Kanopy subscription, including free services via the Boston Public Library. Get an electronic card at, available to anyone in Massachusetts including students who may be from other places or people who live elsewhere but work in Mass. Questions on how to view? Email the Hess Director, or go to

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